Refer A Friend

Do you know someone who could use our help finding a great job opportunity? If so, refer them to us, and you could receive a bonus from Cooper Group Staffing.

Terms and Conditions for our Referral Bonus Program.

Referral bonus amounts may differ based on individual job postings.

  1. If a referred candidate is sent to Cooper Group Staffing and they work 40 hours, you are paid a bonus of $25.
  2. Should a candidate be submitted more than once as a referral, Cooper Group Staffing will honor the first referring party only.
  3. A person will be paid only one referral bonus per candidate referred to Cooper Group Staffing. However, there is no limit on the number of candidates a person can refer.
  4. Temporary referrals must work a minimum of 40 hours to qualify for the referral bonus based on individual postings.
  5. For direct hire placements, “Refer a Friend” referral bonuses will be paid after the guarantee period of the direct hire placement has been fulfilled.
  6. Individual referrals are unlimited. You may submit as many referrals as you like.