Shorten your search for the hidden gems.

With over 30 years’ experience, Cooper Group Staffing has been working with local area employers, offering customized staffing and recruiting solutions.

“The Right Fit” starts with “The Right Approach.” We invest the necessary time to truly get to know your business. Once we understand your organization, culture and your objectives, we create a strategic staffing plan to help take your business to the next level. CGS consultants continue to deliver exceptional service well beyond the placement phase, staying in touch and encouraging feedback even after a candidate has been hired.

Whether your needs are contract or direct hire, large or small, Cooper Group Staffing services are designed to find the right fit early on, saving you substantial time, expense and headaches. Bottom line, our mission is to deliver a seamless and efficient recruiting experience for every client, every step of the way.

We support the following industries:

  • Oil
  • Petrochemical
  • Allied Industries
  • Medical
  • Legal

We will work with you to understand your business objectives, your hiring requirements and your organization’s culture. Then design the most intelligent—and cost-effective—staffing strategy.

Our Services:

Temporary Staffing

Cooper Group Staffing provides highly qualified temporary and contract employees for:

  • Short-term fill-ins
  • Vacation coverage and other leaves of absence
  • Project staff
  • Supplemental employees for your busy season

Cooper Group takes care of the screening, testing, payrolling, insurance, taxes, and government reporting. Our temporary staffing services can give your business more flexibility—while reducing your payroll and benefits costs.


Make sure you’ve struck gold before hiring your next full-time employee. With Cooper Group’s temp-to-hire services, you can evaluate a candidate’s job skills and fit through a 500-hour trial period—without having to put that person on your payroll or benefit programs.

During the 500-hour trial period, the employee will be placed on Cooper Group’s payroll. We take care of paychecks, benefits, insurance, taxes and government reporting. If you’ve found the perfect person, he or she will convert to your payroll at the end of the trial period, and if not, Cooper Group will recruit a replacement employee for you.

Direct Hire

How much time do you spend hiring a new employee? More than 75% of that time is wasted with people you are never going to hire! Can you afford to waste your time?
At Cooper Group Staffing, we regularly recruit for many different types of positions. As a result, we are very proficient at finding the hidden gems you want. As part of our direct hire services, we will work with you to:

  • Develop a clear and accurate job description
  • Create a recruiting strategy
  • Search our talent network for well-qualified candidates
  • Direct recruit people with the specific skills and experience you require
  • Write job postings and recruitment advertising
  • Review resumes
  • Conduct initial screening and in-person interviews
  • Perform skill testing and other assessments
  • Conduct background screening and reference checks
  • Coordinate the interview process with you and your staff
  • Assist in offer development, presentation and negotiation

And you don’t pay anything unless you hire someone we referred!

Executive Recruiting

Finding the right candidates for C-level and senior management positions can be exceptionally difficult. A successful recruiting effort requires an effective candidate sourcing strategy, proficient direct recruiting efforts, tactful and persuasive communication, and most often, confidentiality.

At Cooper Group Staffing, we have the industry connections and expertise to recruit for your key executive positions. As a neutral third party, we can directly recruit from confidential sources. Your confidential search will result in the presentation of only the top prescreened candidates, helping you to fill critical positions faster.


Before they step through your doors, all of our candidates have the safety and skills training needed to keep your business running safely and smoothly.

Mission Statement