About Cooper Group Staffing

One of the Golden Triangle’s leading staffing and employment agencies.

Any jeweler will tell you that you won’t find much value in the rocks in your yard. Real gems are rare—and extremely valuable.

At Cooper Group, we know that you probably won’t find treasures in random stacks of applications either. It takes a well-trained eye, a well-tuned ear, and a whole lot of experience.

We’ve got what it takes.

Since 2000, we’ve dedicated ourselves to digging up the “rare gems” in the talent pool—those select job candidates who have strong skills, meaningful experience, and most importantly a great work ethic.

But finding talented people is not all we do. We’re also experts at providing employers with creative and cost-effective staffing solutions. We can show you innovative ways to reduce cost, enhance productivity, and improve your bottom line.

At Cooper Group Staffing, we’re committed to making your business sparkle. Fast, effectively and affordably.